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TE series unhoused spring mounts is exposed type shock absorber, designed for large static displacement. Unhoused spring mounts without shell, steelspring without any obstacles, can not only in  the vertical directionvibration reduction, and in a horizontal direction will have the sameeffectiveness. At the bottom of the rubber vibration isolation cushion,can prevent transmission noise and vibration. Adjusting bolt and a fixed bolt si at the top, so that unhoused spring mounts installation is morecomvenient and stable.



8mm at the bottom of the rubber damping pad, can prevent transmission noise and vibration.
Unhoused spring mounts can adjust the height by bolt,the device running more stable and secure.
All spring have additional travel to maximum load to 50% of the rated load. The safety factor of the unhoused spring mounts is higher.
Please according to the actual load of equipment, choose the right model of unhouse spring mounts, spring mounts will use diffenent color to distinguish according to the load size.
All unhoused spring mounts maximum static displacement is 1.5 times of rated static displacement.
All the diameter of the spring is greater than 80% of the height of compression spring.
Unhouse Spring Mounts-TE4-Features
Unhoused Spring Mounts - TE Series (25/50/75/100mm Deflection Avaiable)

Unhouse Spring Mounts TE1


Unhouse Spring Mounts TE2


Unhouse Spring Mounts TE4

Unhoused Spring Mounts - Data Sheet
Unhouse Spring Mounts-TE Series

* The models in the table base on 4 spring & 25mm deflection, other models specification please kindly contact our sales representative.