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After optimization design to improve the rubber vibration isolation mat, product installation more convenient, more reliable performance, each piece does not require additional auxiliary information, can reduce costs and shorten the duration of the load at the splicing is uniform, long service life, More adapted to a large area of use.

The product is mainly made of natural synthetic rubber, the middle nylon nylon skeleton reinforcement layer is molded by high temperature vulcanization, the lower boss has holes, can play a certain role of air vibration isolation and damping, the natural frequency is lower, Good, mainly for floating layer and power equipment, vibration isolation, to minimize the isolation structure of the building vibration, noise transmission pollution.

The products are available in four sizes: 500x500mm (0.25m2 / piece), the thickness can be laid in large area (1m2 in 4 pieces), the size can be cut according to the requirement of the project. It can resist acid, alkali, oil, Mildew, moisture, anti-aging, temperature range -20 ~ 90 ℃, damping ratio of 0.08.

Floating Structure- Rubber Vibration Isolation Pad-FDD5

Rubber Pad FDD5 3D Drawing


Rubber Pad FDD5 Dimension


Rubber Pad FDD5 Real Showing

Floating Structure- Rubber Vibration Isolation Pad-FDD10

Rubber Pad FDD10 3D Drawing


Rubber Pad FDD10 Dimension


Rubber Pad FDD10 Real Showing

Floating Structure- Rubber Vibration Isolation Pad-FDD20

Rubber Pad FDD20 3D Drawing


Rubber Pad FDD20 Dimension


Rubber Pad FDD20 Real Showing

Floating Structure- Rubber Vibration Isolation Pad-FDD50

Rubber Pad FDD50 3D Drawing


Rubber Pad FDD50 Dimension


Rubber Pad FDD50 Real Showing

Rubber Vibration Isolation Pad-FDD Series Technology Data
Rubber Vibration Isolator

* The models in the above table list all the FDD series models we make.


The product flexibility, vibration isolation sound effect, installation (laying) convenient.
The product for a wide range of oil, acid, alkali, mold, moth, moisture, anti-aging.
Power equipment layer equipment and pipe installation, pipe support in the floating structure layer can effectively isolate vibration, noise transmission.
And can effectively prevent the power equipment floor floor low-frequency radiation noise impact and equipment maintenance, staff work on the downstairs.
Radio and television building studio, recording room using floating structure vibration isolation, can isolate the external vibration and noise transmission and impact.
Floating Structure-Rubber Vibration Isolator Pad-Installation Process
Floating Structure- Rubber Vibration Isolation Pad-RP1

RP1 Rubber Anti-vibration pad “Waffle” design which optimize the effect to reduce vibration and noise, A standard 18″ x 18″ x 3/4″ (450 x 450 x 20mm) pad divides into eighty-one 2″ (50mm) squares. The 2″ squares are separated by a thin web that is easily cut to provide evenly dimension pads.

Rp1 are molded in NATURAL RUBBER and other industrial chemicals, with the enhancement layer in the middle. For maximum resilience and vibration isolation, for maximum life, excellent oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance. Contains anti-oxidants and anti-ozonants to improve aging, antisepsis, mildew resistance. It is with wide load range, high safety factor, low natural frequency. And it is easy to install and lay. This can be used for the active vibration isolation from  power equipment and passive vibration isolation for precision equipment, anechoic room and soundproof room. Especially applied to vibration isolation for the wall surface, line to plane.


Rubber Pad RP1 3D Drawing


Rubber Pad RP1 Dimension


Rubber Pad RP1 Real Showing